Akane Nakahara

  • Global Nationality: Japanese

Previous degree: Bachelors in Economics

Finance sector pre-MiF: Investment, corporate banking, treasury

Previous or current role: Associate, Development Bank of Japan Inc.

Clubs: Japan Club, Dance Club

About me: Akane previously worked at the Development Bank of Japan and has experience in private equity investments, fund investments, corporate banking and international bond issuance. She has vast knowledge of a wide range of products, including senior loans, mezzanine finance, equity finance and bonds.
She chose to study a Masters in Finance at LBS to gain a high level of expertise in investments as she builds her career in that area. At LBS, she has the opportunity to take classes with professors who have extensive investment knowledge and experience and to work in groups with classmates who have investment experience in a variety of areas. 
She was also motivated by a desire to broaden her horizons by interacting with people from different backgrounds. The diversity of the LBS community, with students from so many different nationalities and backgrounds, is perfect for that. She values being in a stimulating environment that inspires new ideas and ways of thinking.

Email: anakahara.mifft2024@london.edu