Aaron Ganz

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Management
  • Global Nationality: American
  • Profile Job Post-programme: Strategic Planning Analyst, FOX International Channels

A global experience  

My career goal has always been to work on the corporate side of the entertainment industry.  I applied to the Masters in Management in order to develop the necessary business skills for a financial position in this highly competitive field, and I was keen to build on those skills sooner rather than later. 

Based in the centre of London, London Business School was the ideal environment to network with students from all over the world. I gained immensely from working in small study groups, where separate ideas blended to create cohesive, strategic outcomes that built upon each other’s strengths, and bolstered weaknesses. Through this cooperative outlet, I saw first-hand the benefits that flow from putting a team’s success above personal goals. Similarly, the programme’s guest speakers were among the world’s leading business executives. They shared their valuable and practical experiences through small meet-ups, workshops and lectures, which were followed by productive networking sessions.  As a direct result of this dynamic environment, I developed long-term friendships and contacts that span the globe.

Life-changing opportunities

LBS brings a uniquely expansive set of opportunities that extend well beyond the margins of classroom study. I found this to be a life-changing experience.  More specifically, I benefitted from numerous extra-curricular activities spanning the arts, culture and athletics, which culminated in my participation in the European MBAT competition, held in Paris.  

During the summer term, the School sponsors International Exchanges in Stockholm, Madrid, Paris, and Brussels. I was fortunate to attend the Stockholm School of Economics: Leadership, Culture and Change Immersion, where I was exposed to alternative leadership styles and business philosophies. I cannot stress enough the many networking opportunities that LBS provides its students. Business Immersion Week, in particular, was an excellent opportunity to engage with professionals in media and entertainment as well as related industries.  The valuable contacts that I made during that week led to interviews and job offers. 

What surprised me most about the Masters in Management was the degree to which the programme team worked hand in glove with us to ensure that we each maximised our business school experience.  Among many examples, their flexibility enabled me to accept an Internship with Paramount Home Entertainment, while maintaining my full course load and extracurricular activities.  

Creative risks

The ability to take a calculated risk is one of the hallmarks of any successful business professional.  The Masters in Management has a deliberate and practiced approach that has encouraged me to trust my instincts and to experiment with new ideas. This training was amplified in the entrepreneurial course.  In the start-up incubator, for example, many in my class launched successful new ventures. It is difficult to fully quantify the profound impact that this programme had on my development as an individual and as a business professional.  But without question, the Masters in Management broadened my perspective, honed my skills, and opened doors to future employment.