Aan Putra

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Finance full time
  • Global Nationality: Indonesian

Aan holds a bachelor degree in computer science from Gadjah Mada University. His passion for the finance world brought him to his current employer, the Central Bank of Indonesia, where he joined in 2006. His first assignment was as a portfolio manager in the Liquidity Management team where he developed a cash management system and constructed a reserve liquidity portfolio. Prior to joining the Masters in Finance at London Business School, Aan was assigned as Portfolio Manager in the Central Bank’s Europe representative office. As a non-finance background practitioner, he decided to join the Masters in Finance to strengthen his fundamentals in finance and to enjoy the global experience the School offers. Aan is a sport enthusiast, he enjoys football and arranges badminton games regularly for MiF students. He is also one of the founding members of ASEAN student group, hence he hopes to meet more students from the region.