Laidlaw Women’s Leadership Fund

Key Details

Funded by: Laidlaw Foundation

Value: MiM 4x 100% tuition fees, EMBA 4x 50% tuition fees, MBA 12x 50% and 100% tuition fees

Open to:

All successful women MBA, EMBA, MiM applicants who meet the eligibility criteria. The Laidlaw Women’s Leadership Fund aims to support the growth in the proportion of women in senior leadership roles in business and on boards around the world. LBS and Laidlaw Foundation share a joint vision - to help exceptional women in their careers, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds. Successful women must demonstrate financial need, strong leadership trajectory and ambition to pay it forward in the future.

Number of awards: 4 MiM awards, 12 MBA awards and 4 EMBA awards available

*Please note, you must apply for your chosen degree programme and be granted admission separately to this scholarship application

Programmes: Masters in Management, MBA, Executive MBA London, Executive MBA Dubai

How to apply

Applications for the Laidlaw Women’s Leadership Fund for programmes commencing in 2024 are now open.

Women who have applied and been invited to interview for the Masters in Management, MBA or Executive MBA London or Dubai streams will be invited to apply for a Laidlaw Women’s Leadership Fund scholarship. Please note that you must apply for your intended programme of study separately, and we cannot review your scholarship application without a corresponding programme application.

Please note that:

  • All application deadlines are 17:00 UK time
  • You will receive an automated pop up message once you have submitted your scholarship application to notify you that we have received your application; please accept this as confirmation
  • You may receive a call from the Recruitment & Admissions team, should they require any further information or need to clarify any information you have provided
  • Decisions will be communicated by telephone and/or email
  • We recommend that you prepare your three essay style answers (250 words each) prior to completing the application form. Please see the questions to prepare for below:
    1. Please give details of your financial background, including your family financial situation growing up.
    2. Please tell us how financial circumstances have had impact on your life so far.
    3. As a Laidlaw scholar, how do you plan to make an impact in the future?
  • Other questions on the application form require details of your financial circumstances and parent/ guardian/ carer(s) financial and educational background.

Application forms can be accessed below:

  • Masters in Management: If you apply and are successful to interview, you will be invited to apply for this scholarship. Email laidlaw@london.edu or mim@london.edu if you want to express early interest in this scholarship.
  • MBA
  • EMBA London - September 2024 intake: 4 July 2024
  • EMBA Dubai -- September 2024 intake: 4 July 2024