Our donors make a huge difference

Alumni and friends help us fulfil our purpose, extend our reach and maximise our influence.

You fund scholarships for the brightest business minds, fund state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities, support our faculty to excel in research and teaching, and engage with the world at large through our institutes. Beyond financial support, thank you to those who give so generously of your time and energy – through volunteering, mentoring, and sharing your wealth of experience.

Celebrating donor support

From annual donations to transformative major gifts – each one of our donors makes a difference. In this short film, we share some School highlights, which demonstrate the impact of our community.



The power of the collective

Through support from over 2,500 alumni, friends and organisations in the last financial year, we have been able to:


  • Award over 200 scholarships to students from more than 50 countries
  • Continue upgrading our facilities including the construction of our first Collaborative Learning Classroom
  • Expand digital learning opportunities to students and alumni
  • Rollout LBS Hub, our new online alumni directory, mentoring and clubs platform
  • Launch a new research institute – Wheeler Institute for Business and Development

Thank you to our 2017/18 donors

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