Bringing about social change

“I have always had a passion for international development"

Victoria Cunningham

Head of the Growth Team and Senior Economic Adviser at the UK government’s Department for International Development


Bridging the gap

“I have always had a passion for international development. Prior to LBS I worked in Tanzania, Zambia and Guyana leading expenditure reviews and providing economic expertise for the World Bank and the Department of International Development. International development organisations are moving more towards working with the private sector, and corporates are looking more at social impact and investment. Given my background as an economist, I decided to pursue an MBA to gain the technical knowledge to understand businesses and be more useful in the emerging space."

"I believe LBS has provided me with the skills and understanding I might have otherwise struggled to gain in my industry. As the public, private sector and NGOs become more closely aligned I now have a fuller understanding of how these three spaces can come together, and the opportunities this could afford. Through LBS, I have access to people across these three sectors which has helped me to bridge my previous knowledge gaps and will enable me to have greater impact in the future.”