Finding a meaningful job

Draw on as much as possible

Dominique Carrie

MBA 2017


Meet the Alumni

"I came to LBS not knowing what career I would pursue. My only wish was to find a meaningful job, a purpose to drive me. I got involved in the Net Impact Club, going to most events that were somewhat related to the social impact space and networking with professionals coming to LBS. The most amazing resource at LBS is its alumni, so I drew on this as much as possible, meeting everyone whose job seemed interesting to me. This is how I heard about Acumen’s opportunity in Ghana in their West Africa team, where I did my summer internship. I was supported by LBS to take on this internship through the MSc11 Award for Outstanding MBA students in the Non-Profit Sector. I heard about my second internship, at Social Finance, through meeting with alumni too. I am now happily working part-time in their international development team as an associate, joining full-time as soon as I finish my MBA.”