Alumni Stories

Our alumni develop life-changing businesses and initiatives.


Shoshana Clark

Shoshana is CEO of Turquoise Mountain

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"LBS has been an amazing thing for me. This is a place with huge momentum and energy. I've never seen a room full of people as energised as in a classroom here. I have loved being here and I'm going back to Afghanistan with a set of skills I didn't have before."


Gaurav Mehta

Gaurav founded Dharma Life in 2009 to promote self-employment in rural India.

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Gaurav had quit his job in private equity to reorient himself after a serious illness and was looking for a new direction. After joining the MBA programme he created a partnership with Prantham, an NGO in India tackling illiteracy. People are taught to read and offered the opportunity to receive further business training and set themselves up as entrepreneurs. Gaurav won an LBS Accomplished Entrepreneur award in 2015.


Amit Mehra

Amit founded Reuters Market Light (RML), a business unit within Thomson Reuters.

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RML has been widely celebrated by The World Bank, the Financial Times and indeed, the UK’s Prime Minister. It is an innovative media solution offering customised, localised and personalised agricultural news, market intelligence, crop prices and weather forecasts via text messages to Indian farmers.