"[At LBS] a standout experience is organizing the Trans-Atlantic Doctoral Conference."

Yuhang Du

Management Science and Operations

What is your doctoral research about?

My research focuses on improving the efficiency and fairness of global health delivery systems, which includes both theoretical analysis and implementation of optimization models.

Could you tell us more about an exciting project you worked on?

I'm developing the optimal geographic assignment guidelines for maternity waiting homes (MWH) in resource-limited settings. MWH operations face challenges due to limited accommodation capacity, uncertain delivery dates, and inaccurate estimation of travel times. The project involves determining whether and when to assign pregnant women to maternity waiting homes based on their profiles and locations. In collaboration with the ministry of health in Liberia, midwives, and local researchers, we aspire to implement our policies there and offer practical guidelines for healthcare providers

What have you enjoyed the most in your LBS experience?

A standout experience is organizing the Trans-Atlantic Doctoral Conference. This amazing event is led by second-year Ph.D.’s at LBS, and it covers aspects from advertising to networking. It’s a valuable platform for interacting with peers and discussing our current research.

Do you have any pieces of advice for applicant and prospective Ph.D. students?

Pursuing a Ph.D. could be demanding. So, it’s important to explore your research interests, stay motivated, and enjoy the process.