"At LBS we have a very supportive community!"

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Baizhi Song

PhD in Management Science and Operations

What is your doctoral research about?

My research is about applying optimization to solve environment-related problems such as reducing pollution.

Could you tell us more about an exciting project you have worked on?

One of my research projects leverages optimization to reduce ocean plastic pollution more efficiently. We partner with an NGO that develops a technology, similar to a fishing net, to actively captures floating pieces of plastic in the Pacific Ocean. We used data and predictions on oceans and plastic movements and designed an optimization algorithm that routes their cleanup system in order to maximize the quantity of plastic collected. Simulations show that our algorithm could increase their collection yield by more than 60% and we are currently working with them to integrate our tool within their daily operations. We hope this project can accelerate the progress towards plastic-free oceans.

What have you enjoyed the most in your LBS experience?

At LBS we have a very supportive community! Every year our MSO faculty members and Ph.D. office hold reading groups and workshops to help Ph.D. students develop their research careers. I find those events very helpful.

Do you have any pieces of advice for applicants and prospective Ph.D. students?

Ph.D. is a long journey as it takes 5 years. It’s important to choose a research topic that you enjoy, and work with people you like!