Sungyong Chang

Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

BA MS (Seoul National) PhD (Columbia)

Dr Sungyong Chang explores innovation, creativity, and firm growth strategies using computational modelling and big-data analysis. His particular focus is on high-tech and cultural industries where innovation and creativity matter most.

Dr Chang’s research bridges strategy and computational social science – the use of large-scale demographic and network data to investigate people’s behaviour. With growing volumes of data on every aspect of our daily lives – from whom we communicate with to where we travel – his work examines some of the major questions in the social sciences.

He won the Peter J. Buckley and M. Casson Dissertation Award from the Academy of International Business and LBS Best Teacher Award - MiM in 2019. His work has been published in top-tier publications such as the Strategic Management Journal. He is an editorial board member of Strategic Management Journal.


Network Effects and Latecomers’ Born-Global Strategy: Social Network Effect vs. Ecosystem Effect

Park S; Chang S

Academy of Management Proceedings 2019 Vol 2019


Does unbundling facilitate experimentation and the discovery of new talent

Chang S

Academy of Management Proceedings 2018 Vol 2018:1


Global diversification discount and its discontents: a bit of self-selection makes a world of difference

Chang S; Kogut B; Yang J-S

Strategic Management Journal 2016 Vol 37:11 p 2254-2274


The Value of Product Innovation in a Mature Industry: A Natural Experiment in the DRAM Industry

Chang S

Academy of Management Proceedings 2015 Vol 2015:1


Giant cluster emergence and functionality in social systems

Chang S; Lee J; Song J

Social Sciences Research Network


Imitation to innovation: late movers’ catch-up strategy and technological leadership change

Chang S; Kim H; Song J; Lee K

Columbia Business School Research Paper

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