Emre Ozdenoren

Professor of Economics

PhD (Northwestern)

Professor Emre Ozdenoren is an expert in microeconomics, decision making under uncertainty, behavioural economics, game theory and auction theory. More recently, he has focused his research on financial markets and, in particular, feedback effects between financial markets and the real economy.

Before joining the School as a Term Chaired Professor of Economics, he was an Associate Professor of Economics at University of Michigan. He is also a Research Fellow at the CEPR.

His research has been published in leading economics journals across the world including the Review of Economic Studies, Journal of Finance, RAND Journal of Economics and the Journal of Economic Theory.


Dynamic Asset Backed Security Design

Ozdenoren E; Yuan K; Zhang S

Review of Economic Studies 2023 Vol 90:6 p 3282-3314

The effects of rivalry on scientific progress under public vs private learning

Hoppe-Wewetzer H; Katsenos G; Ozdenoren E

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Profit Sharing and Incentives

Ozdenoren E; Rubanov O

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Uncertainty and compound lotteries: calibration

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Willpower and compromise effect

Masatlioglu Y; Nakajima D; Ozdenoren E

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Dynamic coordination with flexible security design

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Social Sciences Research Network


Contractual externalities and systemic risk

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Trading frenzies and their impact on real investment

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Why can’t a woman bid more like a man?

Chen Y; Katuscak P; Ozdenoren E

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Willpower and the optimal control of visceral urges

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Coarse matching with incomplete information

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Learning and complementarities: Implications for speculative attacks

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Ambiguity aversion, games against nature, and dynamic consistency

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Durable goods and conformity

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Feedback effects and asset prices

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Sealed bid auctions with ambiguity: theory and experiments

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Subjective recursive expected utility

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Optimal auctions with ambiguity

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Immediation in innovation

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Auctions with uncertain numbers of bidders

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Probabilistic representation of complexity

Ozdenoren E; Al-Najjar N; Casadesus-Masanell R

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Completing the state space with subjective states

Ozdenoren E

Journal of Economic Theory 2002 May Vol 105:2 p 531-539


Maxmin expected utility over savage acts with a set of priors

Ozdenoren E; Casadesus-Masanell R; Klibanoff P

Journal of Economic Theory 2000 May Vol 92:1 p 35-65

Maxmin expected utility through statewise combinations

Ozdenoren E

Economics Letters 2000 January Vol 66:1 p 49-54


Experimentation, learning, and preemption

Hoppe-Wewetzer H C; Katsenos G; Ozdenoren E

CEPR discussion paper


Dynamic liquidity-based security design

Ozdenoren E; Yuan K; Zhang S

CEPR Discussion Paper


Profit sharing and incentives

Ozdenoren E; Rubanov O

CEPR Discussion Paper

Willpower and compromise effect

Masatlioglu Y; Nakajima D; Ozdenoren E

CEPR Discussion Paper

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