Catherine Magelssen

Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

BS (UC Berkeley) PhD (Rutgers)

Dr Catherine Magelssen studies multinational firm strategy, with interests in internal versus external firm contracting, intra-firm structure, and firm response to environmental shocks. Dr. Magelssen’s current research projects focus on understanding the differences between internal and external contracting, the different ways in which multinational firms organize and allocate ownership rights to their strategic assets inside the firm, and the implications for firm knowledge sharing and innovation.

Dr. Magelssen’s research has been published in Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, and other journals. She is on the editorial boards of Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, and Academy of Management Review.

Dr Magelssen is an Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School. She holds a PhD from Rutgers University and a BS from the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley. Prior to joining academia, she worked as an economic consultant where she managed global transfer pricing projects, advised multinational firms on the structuring of intra-firm relationships, valued intangible assets, and helped firms integrate global operations post-acquisition.

Catherine talks about her research on how ownership of strategic assets affects innovation. Click here to read the paper.

Research and Awards

  • Alan M. Rugman Young Scholar Award (Haynes Prize) for most promising scholar under 40 years old
  • Academy of Management, IM Division Best Dissertation Award entitled “D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University Best Dissertation Award”
  • 2015 Finalist, INFORMS Best Dissertation Award, TIMES
  • 2015 Finalist, Peter J. Buckley and Mark Casson AIB Dissertation Award
  • 2012 Finalist, Best Paper Award, Technology Innovation Management AOM
  • 2012 Rutgers University Dissertation Fellowship
  • 2012 Rutgers University Summer Research Scholarship (Competitive)
  • 2012 Dean’s Competition for Summer Research Funding (Competitive)
  • 2011 Finalist, Temple Academy of International Business Best Paper Award


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Modelling risk

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