Arianna Marchetti

Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

MS (La Sapienza) PhD (INSEAD)

Formerly a PhD candidate in Strategy at INSEAD, Dr Arianna Marchetti joins London Business School as an Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Her research lies at the intersection of strategy and organisation, taking a keen interest in the interplay between formal organisation design and organisational culture, and its implications for coordination and corporate performance – with a focus on innovation-intensive industries. Another of her passions is machine learning and AI, and their impact on research and society at large.

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    • Lima Global Experience
      Reinvention in Turbulent Times
    • People Analytics

      Firms are accelerating the use of analytics to translate human capital into competitive advantage. This trend has increased the demand for leaders who are informed users and consumers of analytical tools to manage and develop talent. This course meets such demand, by drawing on the latest evidence-based research on people analytics and educating students on how to use these tools in a thoughtful, effective, and responsible manner.

      Students will be expected to use and analyse data, hence you need a basic knowledge of statistics. However, previous experience with statistical or programming packages is not required. We will provide you with some basic code and tools in class. The goal is to help you understand what kind of data and analytical techniques are more appropriate for each problem, as well as to train you in a thoughtful evaluation of the evidence required to make sound decisions.

    • Strategy Analytics
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