Christopher Palazzolo

Principal, AQR Capital Management

Christopher Palazzolo is a Principal and Head of Responsible Investment and EMEA at AQR Capital Management. In his role, he leads the firm's ESG initiatives globally, as well as AQR’s business development, client service and operations in the EMEA region.

Prior to joining AQR, Christopher was a Business Development Manager and Consultant for the Palladium Group and was previously an analyst at Goldman Sachs in the Investment Management Division’s Product Management group. He is co-author of several articles, including “Clearing the Air: Responsible Investment,” “Risk Parity: A Supplement to Traditional Portfolios, Not Their Replacement,” “Inflation in 2010 and Beyond (Parts I and II),” “Eurozone Inflation Update: Will ECB Actions Match its Rhetoric?,” “QE2: Not Just Another QE1,” “The Convertible Bond Dislocation of 2008” and “The Limits of Convertible Bond Arbitrage.”

He is on the Advisory Council of the AQR Asset Management Institute at London Business School and was a member of the UNPRI’s ESG DDQ Working Group. Christopher earned a B.A. in political science with a concentration in economics from Amherst College, an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and an M.P.A. from the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government. He is a CFA charterholder.