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Internet Users versus Non-users: Drivers in Internet Uptake



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Future Media Working Paper

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Previous studies have examined the potential barriers to consumers' adoption of the Internet. We build on this work and survey, over time, a panel comprised of both Internet users and non-users in the UK to determine if there are differences between these two groups in their attitudes towards technology, ownership of different technologies, and information versus entertainment needs. Using survey responses from 1,355 individuals on the panel, preliminary findings are: · Compared to non-users, Internet users are generally more interested in technology, especially if they think it will save them effort or time; they are also more likely to think that technology is not only important, but also fun. · Compared to non-users, Internet users are more interested in the benefits provided by new technology, especially information/ timesaving benefits such as checking transport times and fares online, using e-mail, and looking up reference books and encyclopaedia online. · Compared to non-users, Internet users' more favourable attitudes towards technology are reflected in higher levels of technology adoption. Moreover, they are more likely to own technologies that provide communication/ information benefits. · Compared to non-users, Internet users are more likely to prefer informational television programmes. · Internet users appear to be primarily motivated by communication/ information needs, but this does not appear to be because they feel they have a shortage of time compared to non-users. · These findings are generally consistent across time.

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Future Media Working Paper

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