Eduroam Wireless Network

London Business School participates in the eduroam federation which is a secure world-wide roaming network access service developed for the international research and education community.

Where is the wireless coverage?

The eduroam wireless service covers all public areas of London Business School premises. As a general guide this includes the following areas of the campus. As a visitor to our campus you can expect to obtain coverage in most areas of the campus that you're likely to use.

Note that sometimes London Business School may use the premises of RCOG (the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) for lectures and events where other arrangements exist for Wireless Access. There is no eduroam service within their buildings.

How do I access the eduroam wireless network?

For members of the London Business School community, please visit the eduroam pages in WALT (accessible through portal) where you will find comprehensive instructions on how to configure the majority of popular devices to be able to access the eduroam network both on campus and at other participating institutions. Alternatively if you're on campus you can attach to the SetupWifi Wireless Network.

If you're from another academic institution your own institution's IT Support should provide you the relevant information on how to configure your device, as their configuration requirements may be different to those for the London Business School community. You should ideally ensure that your device is configured correctly and works at your own institution before you visit the London Business School campus as it will be easier for you and your own IT support to troubleshoot any configuration issues when you're on your own campus.

For guidelines on accessing the service from different devices, please follow the appropriate link below. Please be advised that these documents are generic guides, and if your device or computer has a different setup or version, the instructions may vary.

For PCs:

For Macs:

For mobile phones / mobile devices:


What is eduroam

eduroam (education roaming) allow students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity when visiting other participating institutions.

For more information, visit the eduoram website.

Visit eduoram

Who do I contact if have problems accessing eduroam?

Once you have referred to the listed manuals, if you are still having issues with connection to eduroam, proceed with the following: 

If you are from a visiting partner institution, please contact your internal IT department for technical issues. 

If you are Student, Staff member or member of Faculty at London Business School, please visit the Wi-Fi Zone on WALT.