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Why our talent works for your business

Our position as one of the world’s most elite business schools means we attract the best and brightest talent from around the globe and we are consistently highly ranked.

As a valued recruiter, we partner with you to facilitate your hiring strategy and help you connect with our community of over 42,000 alumni and 2,000 students.

Because of our rigorous selection criteria, everyone who studies at London Business School is of the highest calibre. And that means much of the hard work has already been done for you.

Global mind set, international talent

Our London location means we are at the centre of one of the world’s global business and financial centres, attracting talent from 150 countries. We have a truly global reach, with campuses and programmes in Dubai, Hong Kong, China and New York, and thriving alumni communities all over the world.

Recruit for a range of opportunities


Our three experience levels with varying graduation dates mean we have people available to start their careers all year round, for opportunities at all levels. You can recruit from London Business School for a range of opportunities, including internships, project roles, permanent opportunities, structured hiring programmes and individual direct hire roles.


Post a job and view CVs

You have a range of recruitment options with London Business School. Engage with candidates at recruitment fairs, presentations on campus, educational events, Student Club Conferences, educational opportunities and career treks. Visit our Engage with Candidates page to find out how you can recruit the best talent for your business.