Sponsorship funding schemes

Could your company help finance your studies at London Business School?

Students at London Business School are often sponsored, fully or in part, by their employers. Employee sponsorship is an investment in high-potential individuals, designed to develop their existing skill sets, and enhance their abilities. It's an arrangement from which everyone benefits.

Securing support from your employer usually involves drawing up a detailed business case outlining your reasons for wanting to pursue your chosen programme and the benefits that you feel it will bring to yourself and to the organisation. To help you draft your business case, we have put together some advice to help you get started:

Salary Sacrifice

How it works Your employer pays full or part tuition on your behalf directly to the school. You then come to an agreement with your employer about a reimbursement schedule whereby you repay your fees from your gross salary over a pre-determined period of time. As our Programmes qualify as work related training, the portion of your salary used to reimburse your fees may be exempt from Income Tax and National Insurance.                                                                                       

Benefits You can save a significant portion of your tuition fees by not having to pay any Income Tax or National Insurance on the sacrificed amount. Your employer may also save on paying their National Insurance contribution on this part of your salary.  

Next steps Talk to your employer about whether this may be a viable option for you. For more information, you can also email lashby@london.edu.