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Liquidity Risk and Correlation Risk: A Clinical Study of the General M ...

Schaefer S; Acharya V; Zhang Y

Quarterly Journal of Finance 2015 Vol 5:1 Forthcoming


Forgiveness is not always divine: When expressing forgiveness damages ...

Adams G S; Zou X; Inesi M B; Pillutla M M

Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 2015 Forthcoming


Leading Change for Sustainability: The Role of Megaprojects and Multip ...

Edmondson A; Haas M; Macomber J; Zuzul T

R. Henderson, R. Gulati, M. Tushman, eds. Leading Sustainable Change: An Organizational Perspective. Oxford University Press.


Sinking Slowly: Diversity in Propensity to Trust Predicts Downward Tru ...

Ferguson A J; Peterson R S

Journal of Applied Psychology 2015 Forthcoming


The Process of Team Boundary Spanning in Multi-organizational Contexts

Harvey S; Peterson R S; Anand N

Small Group Research 2015 Forthcoming


The Failure of Models that Predict Failure: Distance, Incentives and D ...

Rajan U; Seru A; Vig V

Journal of Financial Economics 2015 Vol 115:2 p 237-260


Cournot Competition and the Social Value of Information

Myatt D; Wallace C

Journal of Economic Theory 2015 Forthcoming


Discrimination in selection decisions: Integrating stereotype fit and ...

Lee S; Pitesa M; Thau S; Pillutla M

Academy of Management Journal 2015 Forthcoming


Contractual Incompleteness, Limited Liability and Bubbles

Dow J; Han J

Journal of Financial Economics 2015 Forthcoming


Looking Across and Looking Beyond the Knowledge Frontier: Intellectual ...

Boudreau K; Guinan E; Lakhani K; Riedl C

Management Science 2015 Forthcoming