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The Sloan independent project is a further opportunity to tailor your academic experience, whilst adding value to your organisation.

As a Sloan Fellow, you have the opportunity to undertake a substantial piece of work on a topic and with a company of your choosing. The independent project is your opportunity to integrate theory and practice, hone your strategic management skills whilst addressing a critical business issue.

Many company-sponsored Sloan Fellows complete a project on a problem concerning their own organisation, relating it to their future role. Sloan Fellows also use the independent project to build expertise, reputation and networks within a sector that they are looking to move into post-Sloan.

Malgorzata Grzyb is Commercial Manager for the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. She graduated from the Sloan programme in 2005 and talks here about her individual project:

"The part of the programme that undoubtedly contributed most to my success post-Sloan was my independent project. I chose to write my project for the London 2012 Olympic bid team. I made this decision a few months before London was announced as the host city for the 2012 Games, so it was a high-risk strategy. But I knew that if the Games were awarded to London, I wanted to work with the team and be part of the project.

"Fortunately, the risk paid off. Thanks to my project work, I had a significant advantage during the rigorous recruitment process as I had gained considerable knowledge and practical insights. Close to 800 people applied for my position, so I certainly give a lot of credit to my Sloan project."

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