Participant profiles

Market Driving Strategies participants come from a diverse range of industry backgrounds, but share a desire to learn about developing radical marketing strategies to drive their company and industry forward.

Participants who will benefit most from the programme are leaders of dynamic companies of any size. 


Ran Merkazy (German)
Head of DA Product Innovation Europe
Samsung Innovation Team Europe

"The programme was a truly transformative experience. It was highly challenging, with a mix of top-end content, outstanding guidance and high-calibre fellow participants."

Ran describes how the Market Driving Strategies programme led directly to him winning a major government grant and increased his ability to produce amazing business results.

Roberto Morelli (Italian)
Business Development Executive Director

"My experience on Market Driving Strategies has done a lot to shape the way I think and maybe even more to shape our organisational strategy for the future."

Roberto explains how the Market Driving Strategies programme changed his mind-set allowing him to think of business strategy in a much more holistic way.

Elena Sacerdote (Italian)
Head of Customer Care & Customer Service Center CEO
Fiat Group Automobiles

"I learned the need to be open-minded - to think creatively when developing strategies and not feel constrained by traditional thinking."

Elena felt the Market Driving Strategies programme was challenging, enjoyable and eye-opening. Here she explains why she would definitely recommend it to others.

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