Investment Management Programmes

Investment Management Programmes

Understand the theory and practical implications of investment management

The Investment Management Courses offer a comprehensive investment toolkit, enabling you to select individual instruments, evaluate investment strategies, and measure performance effectively. 

The programmes can be taken individually or in any combination according to your learning needs. Complete all three programmes and become a member of the Alumni community with exclusive access to an international network of business professionals.

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Equity Portfolio Management

Examine investment management's most important theoretical frameworks and whether they are supported by empirical evidence. Gain a deep understanding of the practical implications for investment professionals of the following:

  • capital market expectations and asset allocation, portfolio optimisation and risk management models
  • the trade-offs that come with active and passive investment strategies and how to use factor models to allocate assets
  • recent advances in behavioural finance, risk management and alternative investments
  • manager selection, monitoring and performance evaluation.

Fixed Income Markets and Bond Portfolio Management

Explore a wide array of fixed income instruments, and gain the skills to analyse and value them, including:

  • government bonds
  • bonds subject to credit risk
  • swaps
  • interest rate derivatives
  • collateralised bond obligations and other credit derivatives.

Analyse associated portfolio management issues, with particular emphasis on the management of interest rate and credit risk.

Derivatives: Markets and Models

Become an informed user of derivatives and avoid misapplication by exploring a wide variety of derivative instruments, their characteristics and limitations. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the mathematical models developed to price and hedge these products (eg Black Scholes) and implications for their practical application. The programme explores:

  • futures, forwards and swaps
  • options and their pricing models
  • static and dynamic arbitrage
  • default risk
  • weather / electricity / telecom derivatives
  • options on new ventures / actively managed portfolios 
  • practical applications on derivatives.

Who are these Investment Management Courses for?

The Investment Management Courses are designed for professionals requiring a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of the techniques and financial instruments behind successful investment management.  The portfolio is particularly relevant to:

  • Asset managers
  • Institutional and/or private investors
  • Investment consultants and financial advisors (IFAs)
  • Regulators, compliance officers, accountants and lawyers
  • Investor relations specialists and corporate financiers
  • Risk managers, actuaries, auditors and quantitative analysts
  • Pension fund and endowment trustees
  • Investment managers, private bankers and family office representatives
  • Hedge fund managers

To find out more about the Investment Management Courses, please contact a Programme Associate on +44 (0)20 7000 7382 or see the FAQs below.

Key details

Next Programme: Fixed Income Markets and Bond Portfolio Management  
Duration: One evening per week for 10 weeks 
Next start: 27 January 2015
Location: London

Fees: £4,800

Investment Management Evening Programme:apply online
Investment Management Evening Programme:apply online
Investment Management Evening Programme:apply online

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Aasim Ali, Programme Associate

Tel: +44 (0)20 7000 7382

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