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This programme is designed for any professional who wants to understand the investment management process or specific financial instruments.

Over 70% of the people who attend this programme come from financial institutions, in particular investment banking, asset management and commercial banking. Some 34% of participants hold executive positions in areas such as law and sales.


Silvia Mateus Marques (Portuguese)
Senior Manager, Accenture

"I am now able to understand my clients' business and challenges, to see things from their perspective and therefore be better equipped to help them."

Read Silvia's story to learn of the benefits she has gained from attending the Investment Management Programmes.

Julian Bongo (Congolese/British)
Senior Risk Analyst, Norinchukin Bank

"Having a live trading simulation in which to practise what we were learning was a very compelling experience."

Find out why Julian chose the Investment Management Programmes and what he has gained from his experience.

Rui Soares (Portuguese)
Co-Founder and Investment Analyst, Nalu Capital

"To improve your investment philosophy, process and analysis, you need to interact with people who think very differently from you. The London Business School community gives you access to such people on both the practitioner and academic front."

Read Rui's story to find out how he benefitted from doing the Investment Management Programmes.

Declan McEvoy (Irish)
Senior Proprietary Trader, Citigroup

"I now have a much deeper understanding of what goes on in the markets, and what fund managers might be concentrating on."

Declan completed the Investment Management Programme in 2005. Here he talks about his experience and the business advantages it gave him.

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Investment Management Evening Programme:apply online
Investment Management Evening Programme:apply online
Investment Management Evening Programme:apply online

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