By implementing the broad range of new strategy tools and frameworks acquired on the Developing Strategy for Value Creation programme, you'll have a real impact when you return to your organisation.

How will this programme benefit you?

On this programme you'll learn to:

  • use strategic tools and frameworks to identify and create sources of competitive advantage
  • gain the analytical skills that will enable you to prosper in a rapidly changing world
  • shape your organisation's environment according to its strategic vision and goals
  • identify the key capabilities and skills your organisation needs to deliver its strategic objectives
  • appreciate different strategic approaches and explore their implementation

How will this programme benefit your organisation?

Your organisation will benefit from a manager who is able to offer practical solutions to their strategic challenges and objectives, and create sustainable sources of competitive advantage for the future.

Student and faculty talking

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Corina Vigil, Programme Associate
Tel: +44 (0)20 7000 7378


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