By enhancing your skill set in the core capabilities required to be an inspiring business leader, the Accelerated Development Programme helps you to contribute more fully to your organisation's future goals.

How will this programme benefit you?

The programme helps you make the transition from a manager to a leader by increasing your awareness of yourself and your impact on others.

  • Increase confidence to deal effectively with other senior managers across different business functions.
  • With a better understanding of how your business generates growth and value, you'll be able to enter fully into complex discussions about its future.
  • You'll learn alongside a global network of accomplished, passionate and influential people.
  • With follow-up coaching, you'll be able to dive into your new role with enthusiasm.
  • Lifelong membership to the 36,000-strong global London Business School alumni network - connecting you with one of the world's great centres of management thinking.

How will this programme benefit your organisation?

Benefit from managers who can lead, with a more integrated view of how thought, knowledge and behaviour combine to produce optimal general management performance, and how their own actions and behaviours affect those around them.

Hear recent participants discuss how the London location has impacted their programme experience.

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