Our diverse staff, academic and non-academic, play a vital role in fostering a spirit of creativity and innovation

We aim to attract the highest quality of staff at every level and from a wide range of backgrounds.

The School's Vision is to become a world-leading global business school. Our staff play a vital role in creating this international community and fostering a spirit of creativity and innovation.

Staff roles include:

  • programme management
  • design and delivery
  • business development
  • admissions
  • career coaching
  • customer service
  • external relations, including alumni relations, events management and administrative support.


Our Vision is underpinned by diversity. We are passionate about creating an environment where academic and non-academic staff and students can learn and work to their full potential.

In recognition of our success in this area, we have been awarded the Leadership Foundation Fellowship.

Training and development

We are constantly seeking to raise our standards of performance and professionalism. To develop their skills, our staff receive ongoing, high quality training and development.

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