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  • Paul Marsh, Emeritus Professor of Finance, London Business School

    New index of Scottish stocks – the Scotsie 100 – unveiled

    Economists ask: should an independent Scotland have its own stock exchange?

    The debate about an independent Scotland’s economic future is today fuelled by stock market researchers who have created a standalone index of Scottish securities – the Scotsie 100.

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    14 Jul 2014

  • Sir John Ritblat

    Excellence recognised as London Business School awards honorary degrees and fellowships

    Congregation 2014 celebrates the accomplishments of London Business School students and leaders in business.

    Helena Morrissey CBE, CEO of Newton Investment Management, is one of a trio of individuals whose outstanding contribution to business has been recognised with an honorary fellowship at London Business School. Helena was voted one of the 50 Most Influential People in Finance by Bloomberg Markets magazine in October 2013. In 2010 she was named the Financial News ‘Most Influential Women in European Asset Management’.

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    11 Jul 2014

  • London Business School

    Majority will work remotely by 2020, say executives

    ‘Out of office’ will soon be normal for at least 50% of the workforce

    More than half of us will be working remotely by 2020, said executives, entrepreneurs and business academics at London Business School’s Global Leadership Summit.

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    03 Jul 2014

  • LBS

    Labour calls for global action on global problems

    Labour’s Ed Balls – the UK shadow chancellor of the exchequer – kicked off the party’s ‘Economy Week’ at London Business School, aiming to bolster the party’s image as ‘pro-business’ rather than ‘business as usual’.

    He argued that globalisation has created much greater complexity in tax systems and fuelled unimagined labour mobility. Combined with a technological revolution, middle-income as well as low-skill jobs have been wiped out.  

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    30 Jun 2014

  • GLS image

    Generation Tech: the impact on global business

    Watch live as world-renowned business leaders take to the stage at today’s Global Leadership Summit.

    London Business School’s Global Leadership Summit, takes place at The Brewery in London today. The School’s flagship event – now in its eleventh year – brings together industry leaders and 600 senior executives to debate the ways in which technological innovation is changing the fabric of society and business.

    Business leaders join London Business School faculty to discuss the economic impact of a mobile, hyper-connected, multigenerational workforce and the impact of Gen Y on leadership and management.

    Speakers include:

    • Professor Gary Hamel, London Business School

    • Nina dos Santos, Anchor, CNN

    • Sarah Wood, Co-founder and COO, Unruly

    • Tom Hulme, Founder, OpenIDEO

    Professor Sir Andrew Likierman, Dean, London Business School, said: “Technology continues to redefine the business landscape. It is an enormously exciting time for business as innovation opens up new markets, new ways to communicate and new experiences for the consumer.

    “But change brings with it challenge. Are we ready for the revolution in consumer behaviour? Do we have the management models to keep pace with the changing demographic and expectations of our workforce? These are among the critical questions industry leaders will address.”

    Julian Birkinshaw, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, London Business School, one of the School’s world class faculty, is speaking on a panel that will examine communication and consumer strategies for the digital age.

    Professor Birkinshaw says: “Technology is changing the way companies relate to their customers; it is also changing the basic fabric of the firm, in terms of how people collaborate and how decisions get made. New models of working are emerging, and the companies that embrace these new models first will be at a significant advantage.”

    Watch live

    Register for the webcast to watch the event live today. You can also follow or even join the conversation via social media using #2014GLS.

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    24 Jun 2014

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