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  • Lynda Gratton

    London Business School academic named one of 100 most connected women

    Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice in Organisational behaviour, London Business School, has been recognised, alongside women from the world of media, fashion, law and politics as one of the 100 most connected women.

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    29 Sep 2014

  • Richard Hytner, Adjunct Associate Professor of Marketing, London Business School

    Scottish referendum has salutary lessons for leaders

    Brown’s referendum renaissance gives lasting hope to leaders, author says

    In the wake of the Scottish referendum a London Business School leadership thinker and author has cautioned against exiting or exiling leaders we deem surplus to our new needs. 

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    24 Sep 2014

  • Gabrielle Adams. Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour

    Victims of crime lose out to our desire to punish

    New research reveals the bias costing victims of crime their compensation

    Insufficient resources may not be the only thing preventing victims of crime from being compensated, according to new research from London Business School and George Washington University.

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    22 Sep 2014

  • Paul Marsh, Emeritus Professor of Finance, London Business School

    Scotland has decided but can it avoid a ‘neverendum’?

    London Business School expert says referendum has been deeply divisive

    A London Business School finance expert has warned that despite the ‘no’ vote Scotland could still be drawn into a Quebec style ‘neverendum’.

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    19 Sep 2014

  • Paolo Surico, Associate Professor of Economics, London Business School

    Separation for Scotland would be a huge gamble

    London Business School expert warns of severe stresses on public services

    A London Business School economist has warned that Scottish separation represents a gamble with very poor odds.

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    18 Sep 2014

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