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  • London Business School

    School fund management company raises £30m fund for UK technology companies

    Sussex Place Ventures, the London Business School’s fund management company, has launched a £30m venture capital fund to back early stage technology companies in the UK.

    Two thirds of the fund has been committed by the UK Government’s British Business Bank through its Enterprise Capital Fund programme, with a matching £10m from private investors, excited technology entrepreneurs, business angels and London Business School alumni.

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    08 Apr 2014

  • Women in Business London Business School

    Women expect four-plus career switches in a working lifetime

    London Business School sees signs of unprecedented mobility

    Women are more likely than men to opt for a total career change – and a majority now expect to have to do this at least four times during their working lives.

    They are also willing to move continents in order to move up the career ladder – at least once.

    For the first time, London Business School’s annual Women in Business Conference asked women how often they expected to switch careers. A startling 59% of almost 2,000 respondents said they would have four or more careers, with two-fifths of those expecting to shift at least seven times.

    Experts in organisational behaviour and executive education at London Business School suggest a range of reasons. These include later retirement – affecting men and women equally - to a gender difference in how people view work. There are also dwindling benefits for loyalty to one company.

    London Business School’s Director of Learning Solutions, Adam Kingl said: “As employers find it harder to offer a proposition that adds value, due to the dwindling power of pensions and the lack of a clear promotion or development plan in many cases, the high number of employers in a lifetime is set only to increase.

    “We are looking at a future where top talent fully expects the number of employers they will have to enter double figures. Is this a wake-up call to reimagine the employer's value proposition? Have we crossed a meridian? There is scant evidence to suggest otherwise.”

    Nigel Nicholson, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School, said: “Men change rapidly and then settle down to career stability; women are more liable to keep moving throughout their careers.

    “Different attitudes to careers accompany this pattern. Men are goal-seeking, women are value-driven. Hence men find, invent and sometimes move targets, to ensure they are always thrusting forward towards an end purpose. Women are more apt to consider at any point, how does this fit with who I am and how I feel? Hence they are more liable to switch.”

    Employers have become more flexible about career breaks – for men and for women – yet the survey suggests that there is a high degree of nervousness about the impact that these can have. Of the women who responded to the survey – ranging from business executives to MBA students at the start of their working lives – 70% admitted they would feel anxious about taking a career break.

    They are confident, though, about crossing continents: 72% said they would relocate for a year or more to improve their promotion prospects. Of those willing to travel, 40% would aim for Europe, 28% for North America and for 14%, Asia is the goal.

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    25 Mar 2014

  • Gary Hamel London Business School

    ‘Afraid of change? Check out China,’ LBS management expert tells World Business Forum

    Is your business alive to change? If not, you’re in trouble. That is the stark warning from a leading London Business School management expert, Gary Hamel, after analysis of a range of global enterprises.

    Hamel, Visiting Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, fears that many business leaders lack the will or skill to navigate the relentless pace and scale of change today. He suggests that business leaders who want a window on the future should “go and spend a few days among the rising middle class in China”.

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    19 Mar 2014

  • London Business School

    London Business School's Ben Broadbent new Bank deputy governor

    London Business School's Ben Broadbent is the Bank of England's new deputy governor for monetary policy.

    An Executive Fellow of Economics at the School, Broadbent is due to take over from Charlie Bean when he retires at the end of June following 14 years of service at the Bank.

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    18 Mar 2014

  • Ed Miliband

    Labour leader Ed Miliband sets out stall on EU referendum

    London Business School hosts key policy speech

    UK relations with the European Union are again in the spotlight today as Labour leader Ed Miliband delivered a key speech at London Business School.

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    12 Mar 2014

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