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London Business School sees increase in Masters in Management graduate employment

26 Feb 2015

97% of Masters in Management (MiM) graduates from London Business School secure employment within three months.

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FTSE 100 beats all-time high after 15 years

24 Feb 2015

50/50 chance of hitting 10,000 by 2022.

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Investors are driving increased adoption of ESG policies, report finds

23 Feb 2015

Growing pressure from LPs moves ESG from a compliance function to the heart of the investment process.

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Figures that won't go out of fashion

20 Feb 2015

London Fashion Week reminds us of the industry’s economic importance.

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Luxury goods industry leaders to mentor next generation talent

11 Feb 2015

London Business School and Walpole launch second MBA programme in luxury management.

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New research on long term industry returns shows established industries often beat new technology

10 Feb 2015

Responsible investing research shows “sin” stocks have outperformed over the long-run.

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‘No evidence’ of financial service productivity gains in a century

03 Feb 2015

The productivity revolution of the last century or more, which has transformed most business sectors out of all recognition, has passed one of them by – financial services.

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Western work experience to thank for Indian investment boom

29 Jan 2015

London Business School expert studies top bosses trained in the UK and US.

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Over-engineered organisations are disempowering people

28 Jan 2015

London Business School behavioural experts address HR directors.

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