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Organisational Behaviour

Understanding what shapes the way organisations work

Business is about people. From the smallest enterprise to the largest corporation, organisations are created and designed by people to fulfil human objectives.

Organisational behaviour (OB) seeks to understand how we can best do this. The OB group aims to provide high impact scholarship and teaching, leading to a better understanding of human behaviour in organisations.

What we do

The research interests of our faculty and PhD students involve:

  • Micro themes - the psychological principles that govern leadership, motivation, decision-making, negotiation and creativity. 
  • Meso factors - these focus on teamwork, group dynamics, organisational culture and personal identity.
  • Macro themes - the sociological, cultural and institutional factors shaping organisational structures and systems, inter-organisational relationships and networks.

Our core research faculty

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Dr Gabrielle Adams 
Dr Raina Brands
Prof  Daniel Cable 
Dr Daniel Effron
Dr Ena Inesi
Prof  Lynda Gratton
Dr Selin Kesebir
Dr Gillian Ku
Dr Celia Moore
Prof  Nigel Nicholson
Dr Margaret Ormiston
Prof  Randall Peterson
Prof Madan Pillutla
Dr Aneeta Rattan
Dr Niro Sivanathan
Dr Xi Zou


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For more information about Organisational Behaviour, contact Ana Almeida.

Organisational Behaviour events

London Business School hosts informative, exciting Organisational Behaviour events, including:

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