PhD Programme

Why do your Accounting PhD at London Business School?

The objective of the PhD Programme in Accounting is to train students to conduct original academic research dealing with the use of accounting information. The coursework and structure is similar to top US accounting PhD programmes. While the students focus on examining contemporary accounting research topics, they are provided with rigorous training in microeconomics, information economics, corporate finance, asset pricing, game theory, and econometric methods in the first two years of the programme.

Research interests

Students begin active research at an early stage and work closely with faculty throughout the programme. Weekly research workshops by faculty experts from all around the world and the accounting doctoral courses expose students to a wide range of topics, including:

• accounting information and capital markets
• fundamental analysis and valuation
• executive compensation
• empirical finance and accounting anomalies
• information intermediaries and corporate networks
• corporate governance
• accounting information and political economics
• accruals, earnings quality and earnings management
• international accounting standards
• private equity and venture capital

Students' views

"The PhD programme at London Business School is a challenging life-changing experience. Through the programme you quickly develop the skills to critically evaluate and produce high quality research."
Jose M. Carabias, year of entry 2009

"Top-notch faculty and weekly workshop presenters from leading global business schools make you quickly realise that London Business School is at the frontier of accounting research."
Atif Ellahie, year of entry 2010

How to apply

For a full explanation of the applications process, including details of how to apply online, see the PhD programme admissions pages

Faculty and students in lecture theatre

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