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Locating the glass ceiling

Stuart Crainer

Isabel Fernandez-Mateo’s research looks at why there are so few women at the top.

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Vote Marketing

Fay Copeland

The UK general election on May 7 promises to be one of the closest in decades.

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Profit or Bust

S. Alex Yang

New research finds that when a firm is bankrupt it has an impact on its supply chain – as well as on employees and shareholders.

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The Pessimistic Optimist's Guide to Change

David Lewis and Keith Harper

David Lewis and Keith Harper report on lessons from a uniquely successful change programme at one of the UK’s best-known boroughs.

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Ideologically speaking

Stuart Crainer

With hyper-competition putting a premium on innovation and creativity, IDEO offers a design-led route forward. Stuart Crainer gets creative

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The spinning wheel of strategic innovation

Chris Styles

How can truly innovative strategies be developed?

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Are you paying attention?

Julian Birkinshaw

Why managing people’s attention is a big challenge for today’s business leaders.

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Bubble Logic

Joao Cocco

From London to Dubai, soaring real estate prices are causing worries about an impending bubble. But how do you spot a bubble from a boom?

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