My day by Steve Grey

Steve Grey, managing director, live | work

Steve Grey, managing director, live | work
StrategyasbalanceIwake up between 04.15 and 04.30 a.m. every day, even after the occasional late night. Once awake, thoughts about the day ahead flood into my mind, sometimes reminding me of small things I may have overlooked on the previous day. I frequently write these down in case I lose a few more brain cells on the way to the studio.

My home is in Bath, so during the week I use a flat in Islington, either walking or taking the bus to Spitalfields, arriving between 05.30 and 05.45 a.m. Starting early suits me. I can focus on the important tasks that need to be done before everyone else arrives (from 08.45 onwards).

The early hours provide great thinking time, punctuated only by the occasional need to help our cleaner with her English. It’s at this time that I plan, organize my diary, concentrate on reading key documents or deal with confidential items. I try to make the rest of the day for other people; there are 26 of us shared between studios in London, Newcastle and Oslo.

Live | work is a company in transition, as it grows rapidly from a small lifestyle business in the vanguard of service innovation and design to a mediumsized enterprise punching well above its weight. Since joining 18 months ago, I have upgraded our capacity and capability in all areas; it’s a challenging but tremendously exciting phase of our development and growth, and we are now poised to fulfil our potential over the next few years.

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