It starts with intrigue

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants” – Isaac Newton


London Business School has been nurturing entrepreneurial giants for 25 years. But too often, aspiring entrepreneurs build from the basement up, unaware of the wealth of expertise, experience and insights ready to be shared with them. If only they knew who and what to ask.

This year sees the debut of the London Entrepreneurship Review, an online publication that captures the richness of entrepreneurial thinking at London Business School. If the Business Strategy Review is the official voice of the School, the London Entrepreneurship Review is the raw voice of the community – a community that is exploding with activity, from home-grown competitions, incubators, partnerships and angel groups to research, conferences, coaching, classes and great speakers. The London Entrepreneurship Review provides a forum to share all this entrepreneurial energy with a much wider audience. It transports the School’s profle as a leader in entrepreneurship to the digital arena.

As with so many of the best initiatives, this is ‘bottom-up’, driven by the thirst of current students to draw on the wonderful knowledge, experience and refections of those who have gone before them. Even with all the current activity on campus we barely scratch the surface. There is so much more that we can draw on to create a fascinating, thought-leading, world-class publication. With our truly international community, we have a unique position to report on cutting-edge thinking as it is applied around the globe.

The London Entrepreneurship Review’s goal is to distil our community’s hard-earned nuggets of knowledge by pursuing our curiosity in a journalistic fashion. In order to learn, students, at any level, often start with intrigue. Tey pose questions to draw out knowledge and wisdom, to climb their way up on to the shoulders of giants.

The London Entrepreneurship Review creates a platform for this journalistic process of discovery. One contributor had wondered for years, “Why are there so many momtrepreneurs?” She took the role of a journalist to interview other mothers in business, uncover new facts and consolidate academic research on the topic. Faculty and alumni, often starting with a rare wisdom, also use the journalistic process to crystalise their ideas and build their reputation.

That said, the spirit of this initiative is to make the School’s rich academic and practitioner foundations more fun and consumable. We see this publication as Harvard Business Review meets Fast Company. Like Harvard Business Review, our articles include rigorous research, investigation and theory; but, like Fast Company, it is incisive, delivering only the most relevant insights and capturing the attention of our audience with style and intellect. Our writers are supported by thinkers, creatives, designers and editors.

Intrigue is not the preserve of the young or the old, the digital natives in the basement or the grey hairs in the C-suite penthouse. The London Entrepreneurship Review is the only forum where we can all learn from each other and share knowledge of the past to reinvent the future. It is for all those fascinated by entrepreneurship, and for those who wonder how and discover why. Be part of the journey.

Calling all entrepreneurial thinkers

We accept infographics, video documentaries under two minutes or written articles between 800 and 1,500 words. If you are interested in supporting the London Entrepreneurship Review please email us at


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