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Maximise impact and shape your legacy

Alfred P. Sloan believed that the best kind of leader was one who had a cross-functional understanding of management, gained after some years of business experience. Throughout the decades, the LBS Sloan Masters has continued to evolve to meet the changing needs of business leaders.

Today, global business is volatile and uncertain. To succeed you must embrace change and constantly re-evaluate your skills, knowledge and networks.

The world of business moves fast. We move with it.

Despite the many changes to the LBS Sloan Masters over the years, the underlying aim remains constant: for people to come together from a wide variety of backgrounds to reflect on their achievements, with the goal to use their renewed skills and confidence to plan and achieve truly satisfying careers.

Today’s successful business leader must be able to demonstrate the ability to lead, act and innovate in global business environments. From the outset, the Sloan programme has had a strong international element, with leadership and strategy at its heart.

The LBS Sloan Masters is designed to empower senior executives to lead with impact, implement change and add tangible and lasting value to their organisations.

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