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Diversity and excellence as standard

Fifty years ago, London Business School welcomed its first ever LBS Sloan Masters cohort. There were 17 men – no women – of whom 15 were British, and the other two were from Germany and South Africa.

Today, our LBS Sloan Masters class of 2018 is a diverse and multicultural group of 64 students, with 23 nationalities represented, and many more women! They are all leaders in their industries.

From finance to technology, from energy to NGOs, the most ambitious and able of every sector have attended the LBS Sloan Masters. Among the LBS Sloan Fellows you will find CEOs, entrepreneurs, consultants, lawyers, marketers, surgeons and CFOs.

Endlessly diverse in their experience, backgrounds and nationalities, but with excellence as the common thread joining them all, LBS Sloan Fellows are celebrated for their leadership and strategic decision-making skills. With a rich, diverse and powerful learning environment, and stimulating, inspiring class discussions, the LBS Sloan Masters gives you a network to enhance your global reach and open your horizon.





Eduardo Clavijo (Spanish)
LBS Sloan Fellow 2015
Co-founder & CEO, Valuecar


“London is the most cosmopolitan city in the world and the School completely reflects this. The diversity of cultures, businesses, industries, nationalities and points of view you get on a daily basis, boosted my global knowledge and changed the way I see the world.

The professor acts as a moderator. You feel that you are learning as much from each of your class fellows as from the professor. It is not about what the professor has to teach us but what we learn together as a group.”

Kristen Cardinal_236x211

Kristen Cardinal (American)
LBS Sloan Fellow 2011
Senior Manager, Decision Learning and Governance - Pipeline and Portfolio Planning, Roche/Genentech

“Ultimately it was a gift to be able to take time out to focus on our own experience, to explore our drivers and our ambitions. And the more I learned about myself, the more confident I became in my leadership potential. The programme taught me that there is no “perfect leader” and that having a flexible, adaptive approach is essential. It’s about knowing your own limitations and building the best team around you, so everyone complements each other. In many ways, Sloan’s emphasis on self-awareness was the most valuable learning I brought back.”


Norah Prida Bay (Mexican)

LBS Sloan Fellow 2015)

Director - Business Development, Mastercard)


“I remember how proud I felt when Twitter’s Chief Technology Officer asked for brief introductions. Our group of 20 told him we were from 20 different countries, with different backgrounds and professional experiences. He was in awe of the diversity of our class.”


Ivan Power (Australian)
LBS Sloan Fellow 2013
Executive Director - Group Development & Analysis, Macquarie Group


“Sloan introduced me to a raft of new people and experiences outside finance that I would never have otherwise encountered. It also changed my approach to leadership.;

There were 23 countries represented in my cohort; I worked closely with a cardiologist from Texas, a scriptwriter from the UK, advertising executives from Japan and members of the military from various Asian countries. With so many different backgrounds and skills, the group projects and ventures we worked on provided a wonderful (and safe) testing ground for the softer skills I learnt in class. Sloan has definitely made me more versatile as an executive and I have a new toolkit to help me adapt my style to different situations.”


Gillian Keegan (British)
LBS Sloan Fellow 2010
MP for Chichester


“What got you into the role of leader is no longer enough. You have to change from being the smartest person in the room to coaching the smartest people in the room.

I had been in international business for 27 years and didn’t want to do the same thing for the next 27 years.”


Piyush Upadhyay (Indian)
LBS Sloan Fellow 2016
Executive Director HR EMEA, Tenneco


“It’s given me a lot of self-confidence, more awareness, more global perspective, and a sharper insight into various things. I now see myself as more of a business manager and partner than a HR specialist. If it wasn’t for the Sloan Masters, I wouldn’t be in my current role.

The whole Sloan experience – the kind of networking and mixing you do with people from different countries, backgrounds and experiences over a year – gives you a complete, holistic view of where the world is and how business is. It enables you to start thinking in a different way.”


Takao Nomoto (Japanese)
LBS Sloan Fellow 2014
Head of Governance Planning and Strategy Management, Bank of Ayudhya PCL (a member of MUFG)


“The LBS Sloan experience really elevated me to be future-thinking and more resilient than ever. In my post-Sloan professional life, I enjoy being out of my comfort zone and leading change for the better, working for a local bank based in Thailand where MUFG purchased majority stakes for the first time in Asia. It is obvious that the LBS Sloan Masters is making a big contribution to build leadership talent pools for MUFG.”


Lalaine Rodriguez-Valdes (Filipina)
LBS Sloan Fellow 2017


“Taking the LBS Sloan Masters is a deliberate choice - it represents a decision and commitment to pursue your passion to learn and grow as an individual, with the ultimate objective of realising your potential. It comes with a responsibility to give the best of yourself. With over 20 nationalities in the class, the conversations are rich from a cultural perspective. You are given time to take a step back to rediscover yourself and your purpose - I found it challenging, humbling and enriching.”