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S Wiley Wakeman

  • Programme: PhD in Organisational Behaviour

BA (Hobart), MSc (University College London)

My research examines the motivation to and effects of behaving unethically, as well as the psychological means we can use to repair our self-concept following both threats to the self and unethical behaviour. Other research examines how personal psychological states can influence information transfer across networks, negotiations and unethical behaviour. 

Before starting my PhD at LBS, I obtained a masters in Psychology (Research Methods) at University College London (UCL) and worked as a Research Assistant at Harvard Business School. Before academia, I worked for an investment manager in the US, wading through a quagmire of interesting, convoluted and brilliant investment and intrapersonal decisions. 

Research interests

  • Ethics
  • Communion
  • Deception
  • Self-Protection
  • Group Conflict
  • Self-Enhancement