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Jennifer Lynch

  • Programme: PhD in Organisational Behaviour

BA (Georgetown University), MBA (Columbia University)


Jennifer is a third-year PhD student in Organisational Behaviour at London Business School. Her research interests include topics related to identity and creativity. In terms of identity, her interests focus primarily on identity threat and identity transitions. Within creativity her research explores the psychological, social and emotional experience of creativity.

Jennifer received her MBA from Columbia University and her Bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.

Prior to starting the PhD, Jennifer was an Engagement Manager at McKinsey and Company, based in Dubai. Her work focused primarily on helping design and implement large-scale public sector transformation projects across the Middle East and South Asia. Earlier in her career, Jennifer worked in the field of international development, managing projects focused on supporting private-sector driven economic growth. Based in Islamabad, Pakistan, her projects included linking women micro-entrepreneurs to markets, helping improve the competitiveness of several value chains and fostering macroeconomic policy reform. Her professional experience also includes internships at a film production company and an entrepreneurship-promotion NGO. She has participated in volunteer consulting projects with a community centre in Kenya, a veterans housing agency in New York and a medical devices company in Brazil.

When not actively focused on research, Jennifer enjoys traveling, deepening her yoga practice and trying her hand at screenwriting. She recently completed her first feature screenplay.

Research Interests

  • Identity
  • Meaning
  • Conflict
  • Emotions