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The Sloan curriculum for leaders combines essential knowledge, tailored learning methods for senior executives, comprehensive business experiences and personalised career guidance. Take advantage of these unique opportunities to broaden your business experience, on campus, in London and around the world.

Taught over 12 months with flexible options, your Sloan experience is personalised to suit your needs.

Core courses

Gain the essential knowledge required for senior leadership positions. Whether you choose the accelerated or immersive route, you complete 10 core courses targeted at senior executive needs and provide an update on key aspects of business, while exploring your personal development.


Shape your Sloan experience with an extensive selection of 70 electives to customise your learning in areas of interest and meet the strategic needs of your organisation. Through your choice of electives, you can shape your timetable to continue intensive learning or integrate your electives with your return to your workplace.

International Assignment

Visit key global business locations and apply the theories you learn in your core and elective modules to a live business situation during the week long International Assignment. The International Assignments are designed for and with you to make sure you get the most out of your experience. The Sloan 2016 class will visit Silicon Valley, USA, to explore the unique culture and alternative organisational structures in technology firms. 

Take a look at the Sloan 2015's experience to Silicon Valley.

Business Project (optional)

Undertake a custom report on a specific topic and with a company of your choosing.

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