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The scope, teaching and intensity of this programme make it a masterclass in business management. Take advantage of these unique opportunities to broaden your business experience, on campus, in London and around the world. 

Core courses

Gain a rigorous and analytical understanding in the techniques and frameworks of general management. Study core courses in Accounting, Economics, Financial Management, Marketing, Strategy, Leadership and Organisations, and Data Analytics for Management. Find out more.


Broaden your understanding of the business world through a diverse range of electives. Use this opportunity to customise your degree and build the foundations of your future career. Find out more.

Business Immersion Week

Visit top global businesses in London, including consultancies, brand management firms, investment banks, media empires, retail giants and more. Gain valuable global business contacts and apply the practical skills you have learnt. Find out more.

Global Immersion Field Trips

Network with peers and companies in New York, Silicon Valley, Hong Kong & Shanghai and a range of European destinations. Meet business leaders, visit innovative, successful companies and extend your understanding of how business cultures differ around the world. Find out more.

Diverse study groups

Work with peers from more than 40 countries with different approaches to problem-solving and team work, and different undergraduate degrees – in carefully selected study groups. We maximise the diversity so you can gain insights into what it’s like working with people from across the globe. These fundamental team working skills prepare you for a global career.


Language skills are invaluable for building successful relationships and career success in a global business environment. As part of your Personal Development, you gain new perspectives and cultural insights by learning a second language, an exit requirement of the programme.

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