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Professional development for financial professionals


Broaden your professional finance skills

  • Understand the teamwork and key interpersonal skills you need to be successful in a global business environment.
  • Gain insights into current challenges and practical finance skills that employers recognise.
  • Develop your personal skills with presentation, networking, interview and voice training.


You benefit from a range of personal and professional development support delivered by academic faculty, industry practitioners, members of Career Services, trained coaches and other specialists to round out your profile. You gain the essential combination of business and personal skills, tools and techniques you need to succeed in a rapidly changing global financial environment.


Personal Assessment and Development

This core course develops the skills and attributes you need to succeed in global business. Various tools, including a NEO personality traits test and a 360˚ survey, build your awareness of your strengths, areas for development and preferred ways of working with others. A challenging awayday supports to develop your study group into an effective, supportive learning team. A personal action plan maps your path to success over the coming academic year.


Practitioner Courses

Practitioner Courses link academic learning from electives and core courses to the challenges of real-life business. The courses are delivered by finance professionals and equip you with insights and practical tools.


They expose you to some of the real world issues, challenges and experiences you will encounter as your career progresses. They cover topics such as Regulation, Public Finance, Applied Risk Management and Derivatives, Advanced Financial Modelling, the Business of Corporate Finance and the Business of Asset Management.


Professional Skills

Gain the presentation, networking and interview skills you need to excel in your chosen career path with training in the following key business areas:


  • mastering interviews – particularly technical finance interviews
  • presentation skills
  • communication for success
  • developing a successful CV and cover letters
  • pitching yourself
  • pitching investment ideas
  • effective networking
  • negotiating and influencing skills.

Employment report 2016

92% of the 2016 full-time class accepted job offers within three of graduation. Discover more about our employment statistics.

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