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Watch our webinars and gain in-depth information into the degree programmes experience and career impact, the visa and application process, as well as the student clubs and opportunities to get involved in the School community.

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Masters Programme Overview

Watch our webinars to gain in-depth information on all our masters programmes, the admission process and London Business School in general.

Masters Degrees Information Session

Find out more about the masters degrees on offer at London Business School. Whichever stage you are in your career, there is a programme to help you achieve your career goals.


Early Career Programmes Information Session

Masters in Management, Global Masters in Management and Masters in Financial Analysis.


MBA Information Session

Stephanie Thrane (Senior Admissions Manager) speaks about the MBA programme.


Masters in Finance Information Session

Peter Johnson (Senior Admissions Manager) and Greg Moore (Admissions Manager) talk about the Masters in Finance programme.


Executive MBA Information Session

Brett Hunter (Senior Admissions Manager) discusses the Executive MBA programme.


EMBA-Global Information Session

Lorine Barrier (Admissions Manager) presents the EMBA-Global programme.


Sloan Information Session

Lorine Barrier (Admissions Manager) gives an overview of the Sloan programme.


The Student Perspective

Take advantage of our webinars to learn more about the London Business School community. Hear our students’ and alumni’s views on the programmes, clubs and life in London. 

Student Experience: Early Career programmes 

Join the Early Career Admissions Team to learn more about the programmes and hear from one student who will be sharing her own journey.


Student Experience: Masters in Finance

Peter Johnson (Senior Admissions Manager), Daniel Needleman (MIFFT 2016 student) and Linda Li (MIFPT 2017 student) discuss the programmes and the student experience.


Student Experience: Sloan 

Lorine Barrier (Admissions Manager) and Alejandra Corona (Sloan 2016 student) talk about the experience on the Sloan programme. 


Discover the 'Out in Business' Club (LGBT) 

Peter Johnson (Senior Admissions Manager), Nick Deakin (MBA 2017 student), Vincent Yin (MBA 2016 student), Alberto Padilla Rivera (MBA 2017 student), Camila Rondinini (MIM 2015 student) and Tom Byam-Cook (EMBA 2016 student) from the Out In Business Club (LGBT) talk about the many activities the Out in Business Club organises.


Discover our student-led conferences 

Sunita Sidhu (Student Activities Manager), Ricky Asemota (MBA 2016 student and LBS Africa Business Summit Chair) and Sarah Durlacher (MBA 2016 student and TEDx London Business School Co-Chair) discuss their involvement in organising two of the Schools largest conferences and how it has contributed to their LBS experience.


London Experience: Early Career programmes 

Alexandra Salter (Senior Admissions Manager) and Nicoleta Chiriac (Admissions Manager) give an overview of the Business Immersion Week (company visits in London) in our Early Career programmes and how they are integral to building and developing your skills set.


London Experience: Masters in Finance 

In this webinar, with the help of Masters in Finance Full-Time students Opeoluwa Caulcrick (MiFFT2016) and Ab Nandi (MIFFT2016), Peter Johnson (Senior Admissions Manager) and Alexander Petterson (Admissions Administrator) showcase our great connections with the finance industry and how we make London our classroom.


London Experience: Sloan 

Discover why Sloan students choose London as the perfect location to study.



In-depth information on a specific subject.

The London Business School Executive MBA

Brett Hunter (Senior Admissions Manager, London) presents an overview of the Executive MBA programme.


Financing your Executive MBA at London Business School 

Brett Hunter (Senior Admissions Manager, London) and Luke Ashby (Senior Business Development Manager) discuss funding options for the Executive MBA, including how best to convince your employer that sponsoring your Executive MBA programme is a good investment for them.


The Career Centre: What We Do For Executive MBA Students 

Mark O’Brien (Senior Admissions Manager, Dubai) and Mariam Farage (Head of Business Development and Career Centre, Dubai) talk about how the Career Centre helps Executive MBA students in London and Dubai become the leaders they want to be.


Working Studying and Living: Managing the Balance on the Executive MBA 

Mark O’Brien (Senior Admissions Manager, Dubai) discusses the challenges of studying whilst working full time.


Admissions Assessments: The GMAT, GRE and Executive Assessment. What's Right For You? 

Mark O’Brien (Senior Admissions Manager, Dubai) speaks about the three assessments London Business School accepts for applicants to our Executive MBA programme.


The Executive MBA Journey 

Brett Hunter (Senior Admissions Manager, London) discusses the Executive MBA journey with one of our students.


The Return on Your Executive MBA Investment 

Mark O’Brien (Senior Admissions Manager, Dubai) and one of the Dubai-based alumni of the Executive MBA programme discuss the programme and, in particular, what the real value was after they completed it.


Alumni of the Executive MBA Programme

Brett Hunter (Senior Admissions Manager, London) showcases the careers of some of the alumni of London Business School’s Executive MBA.


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