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Global Business Assignment (GBA)

The Global Business Assignment (GBA) is a unique opportunity to broaden your business experience, grow your global network, apply your skills and explore a new culture. Undertaking one Global Business Assignment is mandatory and you have the opportunity to take a second.

A global outlook

Through a combination of lectures, company visits and debates, experience the way business is conducted in a global market and test your ability to lead across boundaries. Develop a truly global business perspective and make a positive impact on the companies you are working with.

Expand your network

Travel to one of five international locations, working on real business issues alongside students from other degree programmes. Explore the themes of development and globalisation, and develop close working relationships with your host company and peers.


Assignment Theme


How do you create a modern global hub that delivers corporate and national success?


What are the implications for the world's fastest growing economy in the global market?


How do businesses and institutions adapt and survive in the volatile climate?

South Africa

Conduct an internal communications audit to understand how cultural change is led.

Russian Federation

Work with fast growing companies to help them effectively develop their businesses.

Explore new sectors

Participating organisations are sourced from a diverse range of industries and have included mining companies, government research organisations, advertising agencies, a retail bank, supermarket chains, security companies, computer manufacturers, a construction firm, a zoo, a radio station and a city council.