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Your journey through the programme is in three stages, to maximise your learning

Before you arrive on campus


First, you’re stimulated and challenged as you work through our Small Private Online Course (SPOC). Travel from analysing key concepts to defining your challenge, generating ideas and then selecting the best, and finally to implementation. Your answers to each module’s questions feed into a personal diagnostic report, with key metrics that you analyse in the classroom and take back to the office. You cover:

1. The key concepts of innovation
2. Defining an innovation challenge
3. Generating ideas
4. Developing and selecting ideas
5. Implementation and leveraging innovation


On Campus

Next, over four and a half days in London you focus on five essential questions that get you thinking radically differently about innovation.

  • What is real innovation?
  • Where do innovative ideas come from?
  • What mind set do you need to be more innovative?
  • How do successful companies innovate?
  • What do I need to do next?

Innovation Best Practices


Hear from our partner ?What If! Innovation and discover from three Lead Inventors how their top clients have successfully executed innovation within their organisations. The half day energetic workshop is designed to empower you to be more inventive, create impact and develop an audacious leadership style, putting customers and employees at the heart of your ambition.



Finally, you return to the workplace and apply the robust implementation plan you have developed over the programme. You’re supported with a sixth SPOC module focusing on how to make time for innovation, plus additional thought leadership and a follow-up review of your diagnostic report and progress. You embed the innovation and take part in a tailored assessment three months later that demonstrates impact.



What you learn

Over the duration of the programme you learn how to confidently embark on innovation in your organisation, knowing you have the skills and understanding to make it happen. You increase your knowledge of the why and how of innovation, through the combination of up-to-the-minute academic expertise and business insights. You return to work able to champion innovation in the face of resistance and embed it in your culture.

Discover how to:


  • Define the innovation problem or opportunity
  • Challenge assumptions and think beyond your current boundaries
  • Generate non-traditional ideas
  • Get started – creating implementation options
  • Track progress and successes
  • Utilise open innovation for your benefit
  • Lead a culture of innovation: discover the leadership qualities, set the innovation agenda and the importance of purpose
  • Lead innovation – everything from innovation value chain to metrics
  • Address innovation barriers such as resource shortage, stakeholder mapping and culture issues
  • Engage stakeholders and get started
  • Embed corporate vs entrepreneurial innovation

How you learn

The blended digital and classroom approach enables profound multi-input learning that transforms your leadership of innovation as well as your understanding of what works and why.



Address your innovation challenge

Bring an important business challenge to the table and work through its potential and its difficulties. Leave the programme with a concrete action plan that you can confidently flex if elements change.



Tap into London’s innovation hub 

Stimulate new ways of thinking with an offsite visit to a leading UK design consultancy. Discover how to generate ideas by looking beyond your own organisation to fresh sources of inspiration.



Acquire a personalised innovation toolkit 

A digital SPOC complements your classroom learning and helps you to keep on applying your new thinking back at your old desk
An implementation safari provides an interactive learning opportunity to develop robust plans to tackle the three key barriers to implementing innovation: lack of resource, inadequate stakeholder mapping and cultural barriers.



Be inspired by real-world innovators 

Guest speakers from the corporate and start-up worlds share their stories. Discover how top innovators smashed through obstacles you’ll be familiar with, to get their ideas accepted and advanced.

Key details

Duration: 5 days
Next start: 29 Apr 2019
Fees: £7,500
Location: London

Next programme dates:

  • 29 Apr - 03 May 2019

Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This programme is closely aligned with the School’s Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE). IIE Academic Directors, Kamalini Ramdas and Gary Dushnitsky, provide unique insights on innovation from across the globe.

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