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Define your problem, create your solution

This programme is practical to the core. Your own innovation challenge forms the bedrock of learning. Five modules – each with a clear set of learning outcomes – steer you through the five stages of your innovation journey.

What you learn

Pre-programme: Before you begin, know what you want to leave with. What problem do you want to fix? Choose to focus on yourself as an individual, your team or your organisation. The programme gives you a manual to enact change immediately.

Module 1 | Building awareness: Why innovating is important to me right now
Basic principles of innovation. Why innovation is the only option for success and its many forms. Get conversant in the why, what and how.

Module 2 | Making it personal: Defining my own innovation challenge
What battle are you fighting? Frame your challenge in a way that reveals answers, not just obstacles.

Module 3 | Generating ideas: Exploring possible futures
Begin to connect ideas to your challenge. Develop models of thinking. Innovation takes bravery and vision. Learn how to stir your creativity with techniques that will serve you for a lifetime.

Module 4 | Developing ideas: How to take my concept forward
Understand the techniques for selecting the most promising ideas and developing them further. Learn how to respond in a timely way to digital disruption.

Module 5 | From concept to action: Making my idea stick
Design and run an experiment. Use the ideas you’ve generated to develop a hypothesis and use our raft of materials to bolster your skill set at the same time. One-to-one feedback with learning coaches supports your journey.

Weave innovation into your culture at work. Make it practical, and make it last. Discover how business experimentation unlocks true growth.

Do things differently. Step outside expectation and witness how the power of creativity can transcend limitations.

How you learn

You work through each module at your own pace, selecting material based on your own innovation challenge. Easily track your progress with points and badges for every stage, while learning coaches give you regular feedback.

Professor Birkinshaw will host two online webinars: one at the start of the online programme and one before completion. You will have six weeks to complete the full programme.

The programme can be taken on any device and is fully mobile compatible.

Business leaders and experts are a key component to each module and add real context and insights to the concepts and techniques discussed.

A professional coach will moderate discussion forums where you give and receive peer support, gaining sharp insights and new perspectives from like-minded, ambitious executives.

Peer learning – in the form of discussion forums, learner mission reports, and surveys – allows you to track your progress and if you wish, compare it to others’ in your cohort on the leader board.



Key details

Next start: 29 Jan 2019
Duration: 6 week, online programme
Fees: £1,500


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