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Make innovation work for you

Every organisation today faces disruption on an unprecedented scale. For their leaders, there are two
choices: Innovate, or perish.

Get the tools to sustain, rekindle or inject agility into your team, department or business unit with this practical online programme. Learn anywhere, anytime: all programme content is fully tablet and phone compatible.

Discover how to manage and spark innovation and take practical steps to manifest it in your organisation.


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Are your competitors driving you out of the marketplace with a new digital offering? Perhaps a rival’s latest unconventional business model is running rings around yours. Or has digitisation simply gifted new firms in your industry with quicker and better ways of working? Every innovation challenge has a solution.

There are endless ways to innovate. Choose your focus. Work out what you need from innovation and use your own ideas as a force for change. Figure out where the weak spots are in your organisation and set an innovation challenge to tackle them head on, with a new toolkit of skills and capabilities.

You’ll finish the programme with your own innovation action plan: a way to practically apply the findings from your innovation challenge, with one-to-one feedback provided during your experiment phase.

Professor Julian Birkinshaw – a 2017 Thinkers50 top global management thinker – will guide your journey, with live, interactive sessions and will transform the way you think about innovation forever.


How you benefit

  • Work out why innovation is important to you and your organisation right now. Learn the basic principles of innovation

  • Define your own innovation challenge. Identify the game you are playing and frame it in the right way

  • Explore possible futures. Hone your innate creativity with techniques to release your own bravery and insight

  • Take your concept forward. Get support from key people at your firm by building the right plan

  • Know how to use business experimentation to turn all your ideas into long-term reality

Key Details

  • Next start: 29 Jan 2019
    Duration: 6 week, online programme
    Fees: £1,500


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