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Immersive learning to create impact

Develop your strategic response to disruption with tools and evidence-based concepts. As a senior leader, turn threats into opportunities and shape your organisation’s competitive advantage.

Before you arrive on campus

First, explore the elements of disruption, from artificial intelligence (AI) to big data, with our dedicated podcast series. Then, complete two diagnostic tools – one to evaluate the perceived level of threat and another to measure your company’s readiness to respond. Finally, identify a specific challenge facing your organisation or industry.

During your time on campus

Further refine your challenge during the week and apply daily insights to your situation. Develop strategies and influencing tools to have a material impact on your business or industry.

What you learn

Journey through the disruptive forces at play. Leave with an advanced toolkit to power your organisation’s strategic response and confidently embed new ideas.

  • Gain a solid grounding in the hallmarks of disruption and apply proven models and frameworks

  • Learn to exploit digital business models, big data, 3D printing, virtual reality, nanotechnology, digital manufacturing and more

  • Cut through noisy disruption across industries. Strategy Professor Costas Markides shares surprising evidence-based insights on what determines success in responding to disruption. Apply what works to your own business

  • Explore tactics to outmanoeuvre unexpected challengers

  • Strategy professor Michael Jacobides shares tools to help you navigate a complex ecosystem in a world of blurring industry boundaries

  • Customise your offering with data. Professor Nicos Savva helps unlock the potential of data-driven analytics – from creating new markets to building competitive advantage

  • Sell your big idea. Learn how to win emotional commitment before embarking on major transformation. Then, examine how to implement strategies for disruption.

How you learn

Immerse yourself in disruption with podcasts, classroom discussions and business examples, all anchored by a challenge unique to you and your business.

Test new ideas

Get to know tomorrow’s time-poor, information-rich customers.

Bring concepts to life with case studies

Explore examples from finance, retail, media, manufacturing, services and healthcare.

Draw inspiration from real-world pioneers

Discover what really works from those on the front line.

Key details

Duration: 5.5 days
Next start: 30 Jun 2019
Fees: £8,100
Location: London

Next programme dates:

  • 30 Jun - 05 Jul 2019

540104 Digital disruption  EE side component

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