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Position your organisation for future success, today

Arm yourself with the latest tools and tactics to plan, develop and execute a powerful blockchain strategy for your business.

Benefits to you

You’ll emerge with a sound understanding of how to innovate and reinvent your business model with the latest innovative technologies.

Master the complexities of how blockchain platforms work and confidently measure the implications and oppportunities of the blockchain revolution for your organisation.

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of how to use cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology with confidence
  • Understand how blockchain platforms work and analyse how they will impact the future of your organisation and the market
  • Learn to use the blockchain platform to make better strategic decisions for your business an add value to your organisation

Benefits for your organisation

  • Apply your learning back into your place of work and improve your ability to drive and deliver innovation into your organisation with a robust blockchain strategy
  • Gain a practical understanding and awareness of the challenges and opportunities presented by these opportunities. Know when to use them and when to refrain to maximise efficiency and create growth
  • Build awareness around competitive advantage and the impact that these cutting edge technologies can bring to your organisation, now and in the future

Key details

Duration: 1 day
Next start: 11 Feb 2019
Fees: £1,200
Location: London

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