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Blockchain Strategy: How to use cryptocurrencies to reinvent your business model

Harness the innovation driving cryptocurrencies and build new business models.

Cryptocurrencies have taken the financial markets by storm, with the potential to reshape the business landscape as radically as the internet did 20 years ago. Understanding the technology, dynamics and mechanisms at play in this complex and volatile space can be challenging.

This masterclass is for business leaders who want to know how cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology will affect their industry. You will learn how to harness these emerging technologies to reinvent your business models and get firmly ahead of the curve.

The masterclass will be led by Brian Forde, described by CoinDesk as the world’s second foremost expert in bitcoin and blockchain. Brian is an alumnus of London Business School. He co-founded MIT's Digital Currency Initiative and is a former White House Senior Advisor on cryptocurrency.

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How you benefit

Advance your knowledge of the latest technologies and apply a practical framework to build resilience and sustained success in your organisation

  • Gain the skills to confidently drive and execute an innovate corporate strategy within your organisation using advancing cutting edge technologies
  • Learn about the powerful potential that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology present to transform your business practices for long term growth
  • Explore the threats presented by blockchain to existing business models and analyse the opportunities to radically improve organisational performance and services with accuracy, speed, security and transparency
  • Accelerate your knowledge of blockchain based technology to competitively revolutionise the way you do business across a breadth of sectors and global network
  • Access the expertise of world leading influencer and expert – Brian Forde a Senior Lecturer for Bitcoin and Blockchain and Senior Advisor for The White House in Mobile and Data Innovation

Get ready to embrace the latest technologies, drive innovation and reinvent your business model.

Meet the expert

Brian Forde, Senior Lecturer for Bitcoin and Blockchain


  • Nationality: American
  • What Brian brings to the programme: Brian is a world renowned bitcoin and blockchain expert. His teaching will draw inspiration from an extensive background - spanning over a decade at the nexus of technology, entrepreneurship and public policy.
  • Real-world experience: Brian is currently the Senior Lecturer on Bitcoin and Blockchain at the MIT Sloan School of Management and was the founding Director of Digital Currency at the MIT Media Lab, where he joined forces with students, alumni governments, non-profits and leading technology experts across the globe to bring digital currencies to the mainstream through research.

As a former senior advisor for mobile and data innovation at the White House, he led efforts to leverage emerging technologies to address the President’s most critical national priorities. Prior to his work at the White House, Forde founded one of the largest phone companies in Nicaragua after serving as a business and technology volunteer in the Peace Corps. In recognition of his work, Brian was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.

Key Details

  • Duration: 1 day
    Next start: 11 Feb 2019
    Fees: £1,200
    Location: London

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