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Understand the strategic implications of AI for your business

What you learn

Analysing data
Gain the latest tools and techniques to carry out rigorous data analysis. Once you know how to extract that information, you can use it to make critical business decisions on your pricing, promotions and supply planning.

Making data-based decisions
Understand how machine learning and AI can help you make informed choices based on rational, data-driven approaches rather than gut feeling. Human intuition still has a role to play, as you’ll discover on this programme. Learn to leverage data that supports your ideas and instincts.

Your learning experience

Session 1 – Introduction
Learn why AI is relevant to business decision-making, and discover the relevant overarching framework through mini case-studies, key concepts presentation, and engaging peer discussion.

Session 2 – Tools, methodologies and applications
Discover AI and Machine Learning, their theory and key concepts, and their relevant strengths and weaknesses. Calibrated for a business audience, with focus on real-world applications.

Session 3 – Characteristics of real world winners
Explore the archetypes, tasks and goals of successful organisations, and what sets them apart. Discover the key insights of winners and the key pitfalls to avoid.


Session 4 – Detailed case study discussion
What are the quick wins? What is the current frontier? What is the ‘long-term’ play? Will machine learning create a level playing field, or enable new barriers to entry?

Session 5 – Digital-enabled transformation panel
Exchange perspectives with seasoned industry experts, managers and executives, each armed with the real-life experience of ambitious transformation programmes.

Session 6 – Digital-enabled transformation panel
Draw your inspiration from the day, identify your potential opportunities and chart your own journey. Design the roadmap to achieve your goals leveraging the right resources for success.

Key details

Duration: 1 day
Next start: 11 March 2019
Fees: £1,200
Location: London

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